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  1. When I said pc I meant the one in your secret base, just checked and dolls are there.
  2. Not any working ones that I know of most that I've tried mess up the decorations pc.
  3. Here you go capt dolls are in your pc Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).sav
  4. If you can upload your emerald or ruby sav, I can transfer the regi dolls from my sav to yours.
  5. This is awesome thank you so much @BlackShark !! really appreciate the help from you and @theSLAYER.
  6. Yes but that would require me to have both Japanese ruby and emerald which I sadly don't have.
  7. Hi As the title states I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me get the three regi dolls in my pokemon emerald sav provided. Edit: Updated my save with regi dolls for those of you who would like transfer the dolls to your save Pokemon - Emerald Version (U).sav