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  1. I am requesting a pokemon to be WiFi traded to me in Pokemon Shield: [noparse] Pokemon Species: #132 Ditto Held Item: Destiny Knot Level: 100 Ability: ANY Trainer ID: ANY Secret ID: ANY Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Any Pokérus Status: Yes Pokéball Captured In: Any EV Stats: None IV Stats: 31IVs in all states Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: Lake of Outrage Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): None Friend Code (If Trading): SW-1640-8577-6311 [/noparse]
  2. Could someone fix these two for me? Even if you need to reduce the IV's or change the nature I'll be ok with it. Also can you tell me how to fix these types of legal issues? 382 ★ - Kyogre - E39D068DFBB1.pk7 383 ★ - Groudon - D76EC46B3957.pk7
  3. Does anyone have Kyogre, and Groudon as shiny pkm files? I can't seem to find legal pkm files of the two.
  4. Thank you! I just though it was legal due to the fact I've never gen'd a mon from a past region. I tend to avoid JP only events. Thanks for letting me know how to fix these types of errors now.
  5. PKHeX states that this Rayquaza is legal but the online legality checker when I go online says its not? It's the V-create Rayquaza released in Black and White I think. 384 - Rayquaza - 93310E6203B3.pk7
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