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  1. Oh, I read it but didn't knew simply changing the level would make it acceptable. Either way, thanks! You've been very, very helpful!
  2. Thanks for helping with Banette! After reading on various threads on here, I got to install RNG Reporter and worked on Dusclops. I fixed every problem on it except for Seismic Toss being illegal for it, but that can easily be fixed by just deleting the move and replacing it with Night Shade. But I wonder, why is this a problem? Why does the program assume it left gen 3 prior to evolving? Is there a way to change that? I would like to have Seismic Toss on it instead of Night Shade which is why I'm trying to fix it but I'm stuck. Anybody got any ideas? I also just got rid of Togetic, I didn't need/wanted it. Dusclops.pk7
  3. Hmm, I see now. Is there a way I can fix them and make them legal? Rerolloing the PID doesn't seem to fix anything. I tried to read on similar thread from people with similar issues but it the answers are few and confusing. If anybody could guide me through fixing these or fix them for me, I'd very grateful.
  4. I was using PKHeX today to check the legality of some Pokemon I recently got, as well as to duplicate an event, and I noticed that some of my Pokemon from past generations had an illegal flag. I don't use PKHeX often but I had never found this problem until now when I got the newest version. All of the Pokemon were generated to me by various people ever since 6th gen, but now they all seem to have a PID issue. I deleted most of the affected Pokemon but there's 3 that I would really like to keep. I will leave the .pk7 files here and a screenshot in hope you guys can help me fix this, I have no idea what to do. Edit: new Dusclops file Dusclops.pk7