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    Hi, guys if some one want's to have a complete curry dex in couple of minutes, here is how. Open your save in PKHeX, go to SAV/Block Data, choose "*Object KCurryDex", and import the correct .bin file to your game: "151 Charizard Class Curry Dex - Sword Cinderace and Dottler 12.13.2019 Hammerlocke Hills.bin" "151 Charizard Class Curry Dex - Shield Inteleon and Dottler 11.18.2019 East Lake Axewell.bin" You also need to edit the "campin" and "cooking" under Trainer Info of PKHeX, to make it legit, for my Data Blocks it should be: Sword - 2 times "campin" and 302 times "cooking". (cooked with 2 Pokemon all 151 curries twice). Shield - 2 times "campin", and 302 times "cooking". (cooked with 2 Pokemon all 151 curries twice). And also for your LEAGUE CARD "Curry Dex" entry, edit the "recipe" value to 151, and update it in a pokemon center. Save, and restore the save file back to your game. If you want to personalize your curry dex then, open the .bin file in a HEX editor and use this as a guide: In my opinion just edit: 1st Pokemon you Cooked with. 2nd Pokemon you Cooked with (But leaving Dottler is fine because you need to cook with a small pokemon to unlock the Small size). 1st and 2nd Place and Date of Cooking (Best solution to make them the same place and date for all 151 curries). In order to get your pokemon, place and date of cooking, just cook one curry with the chosen pokemon in your chosen place, or choose from existing one in your original "*Object KCurryDex", and replace all entries in my file (Use the "Replace" function in your HEX editor, to make it faster). And that's it enjoy.
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