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  1. Pokemon diamond completed save file

    My old diamond save file that found on my diamond catridge. This save file brings me a lot of memories of attending event pokemons and stuff and lot of days played in to. I remember i kept diamond catridge just to collect event mons manily. The save file is almost completed i beilieve basic things like  elite four beaten,national dex  are completed etc. Lots of stuff likeTraded pokemons from other trainers etc other players back in the day.Max Items, event items etc are all gamesharked. Some pokemons are hacked using gameshark. I used some gameshark in this save file. But almost anythingelse is legit apart from this. Some mons might be missing as i transfered or traded that to other pokemon games. The savefile adventure starts from 2007 i believe. Lots of mons from their to now. So their it is. I would like to share the save file so i posted it
    Hope you all enjoy:)


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  2. Pokemon Emerald Ultimate Save File For Starters

    Each and every pokemon shiny (not every shiny) and competitive 31ivs/Hidden power Competitive pokemon etc.some still cometitive but not perfetct all 31 ivs stat.all are shiny pokemon execpt celebi.All pokemon legal which can be transfered to gen 7.All pokemons are genned,RNGED Legally to make it legit.Some event pokemons included.ITEMS max out.Money max out.all event items like eon ticket,aurora ticket,mystic ticket,unreleased old sea map in eng emerald etc included in save file.They have ben injected.its just like actual event happens in game.This save file is ofcourse genned cheated throught some tools.but all pokemons genned are legit.legendaries are rnged.All pokemons will obey you from start no bages except some like mew,jirachi,celebi,event pokemons,shinies legendary dogs in last box etc.these mons will obey you compeletely after you got all 8 badges.Perfect save file for starting  as powerful trainer.Game saved @ First town pokemon center in city after getting pokedex and pokeballs from May.


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