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  1. Thanks @Thunder, I'll try this tomorrow... but I think I'll definitely adopt this one because of "it will automatically delete any secure values", no problems with a tool like this one
  2. Ok, I understand... I have an hypothesis about 0x000... maybe this is the number of step... I assume this because in my original save, this number is 3.636.988... and in the save createad for try to solve my problem, this number is 4... and I precisely do 4 steps juste after be wake up Fletchling and before save the game... this just an Idea... and may 0x004 is the number of saves... 500 in my original one, 1 in my attempt to solve... this is not incoherent i think...
  3. Ok, I'll try this now but... should I choose 'R+Y' or 'R+X' ??? It work !!! Awesome !!!!! Many thanks !!!!!!!!!! But you can tell me the purpose of '0x00...' Values to satisy my curiosity ? What does it mean ?? Thank You
  4. @theSlayer HI ! No... I don't know how to do this... I shoukd have ?
  5. Hey !! Today, I tried to modify my save of pokemon Y, and it wasn't my first time, I'm not a noob... I think ^^ but when I tried to re-inject this one in my game, I learn that my save is corrupted... To process, I use'd SAVeFL to extract/re-inject saves files, and PKHeX (lastest version) to modify the "main"s. I play on a not-physical game and my CWF is luma 8.2... but I havn't HBL... I finally decide to create a new save, to extract this, and to re-edit this one (boxes, badges, events in game...) with for objectif that it look like my original that I conserve on my PC, but when I go to "Trainers Info", I found '0x000' Value, '0x004' Value... What is that ? Can I modify ? Thanks to help P.S. : sorry for errors in ly english, I'm french ^^ EDIT : forgoten to say... I think it's an error with SAVeFL, cause of Secure Value or something of this kind... have you got a solution to replace SAVeFL ?
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