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Part 1 finding your 6iv shiny pokemonThings you’ll need1st (Optional) cubic ninja Nintendo ds cartridge( only if your pokemon is not a pokemon normally you could find for example arceus2nd you will need my secret id and trainer id which are (trainer id) 06178 (secret id) 36375.3rd access to a computer4th download desusme emulator on computer5th download pokemon diamond rom on computer6th (optional) if you have a pokemon that can’t transfer through pokebank for example shiny arceus 6iv you’ll need pokesav and pk hex++ 7th you will need a r4 card I use a m3ds real but I don’t think it really matters what card you use, this is if your transferring through pokebank8th you will need to download rng helper9th you will need to download and open that under tools ram watch open file and select it the address should read 021c4d4c and 021c4d48.10th you will need a micro sd card reader.11th you will need a sycronize pokemon with a modest natureOkay once you have all the stuff required the fun can begin (I will be using garitina in this guide but you can go for anything it just might be slightly differentStep 1 open emulatorStep2 open romStep 3 for garitina beat game head to turnback cave and save in front of him I suggest bringing a master ball but that’s up too you.Step 4 open rng reporter type in the trainer id and secret id I gave you above.Step 5 switch method to method j stationary pokemonStep 6 switch wild pokemon to stationary pokemonStep 7 for seed hex type in 52140289Step 8 generate you will see a list of frames that you can hit to get him 6iv shinyStep 9 make a save file in front of garitinaStep 10 open in emulator open view display frame encounterStep 11 reset the emulator without pausing the game and as soon as you get to the main screen where it shows your save file pause it.Step 12 make a save file where you pause itStep 13 open time finder in rng reporterStep 14 input same data you did with rng reporter but make it so your delay is 3000.Step 15 generate and right click where it says frame 89 and hit generate more times you should see the delay of 637.Step 16 go back to your pokemon diamond rom push play and x which is the a button in case you didn’t know if you have a journal page where it shows things you recently have done don’t push anything yetStep 17 look at ram watch if it says 0289 at the your first seed underneath value you hit exactly what you were suppose to hit and make a save state when you hit that. If you did not hit it, I suggest seeing how close you were to do that go to rng reporter where you see a delay of 637 type in what ever value you had let’s say you hit something like 35b70284, that means you were 5 frames off. Step 18 don’t worry if the first 4 number change when you try again to hit 0289 they don’t matter yet, so if you load the save state and do it over again you and you keep hitting 0284 don’t worry just pause the game go back to your save state and advance the frame by how ever many you were off and make a new save state.Step 19 hit play and x and see if you hit 0289 if you did great you can move onto the next step if you didn’t keep trying till you do hit it, just keep going back to your previous save state and advance the frame if you need to, n button on keyboard is advancing the frame by the way.Step 20 great you got a frame of 0289 make a new save state now change your computer date to 01-01-12 8:58:00pmSteps 21 were now trying to hit the first 4 digits 5214.Step 22 to hit this we need to push ok when to when you have your date set back to this time the time above.Step 23 get ready push play and x at the same time as soon as that clock hit 23 secs. This may take several tries but don’t give up just keep loading back the save file where you hit 0289 and keep resetting the clock to 00 secs I keep trying to enter the game at 23 secs, if you did that correctly go to your watch and it should say 52140289underneath value by inizial seed.Step 24 now make another save stateStep 25 now enter the game without flipping your journal at the beginning.Step 26 every pokemon is different and if you have roamers out that will change things up a bit because they subtract a frame each roamer but don’t so keep that in mind garitina doesn’t have a subtraction and If you don’t have any roamers running about your perfect if you do just subtract however many you have from 89.Step 27 go to your journal and each time you flip your page to a page where you see pokemon you deafeated or captured you will see your current seed change.Step 28 keep flipping the journal till you hit a frame of 89 how you can check is open rng helper put in 52140289 and put in your current seed for example 03579816 at the bottom.Step 29 put your modest sycronize pokemon in frontStep 30 it will then tell you your current frame you are on at the very bottom like if your on frame 20 or 80 or whatever you hit, now when your close make a save state, as soon as you hit frame 89 or whatever you had to subtract talk to garitina, keep in mind moving a certain amount of steps will make your frame go up by 1 so if your at 88 just keep moving but keep close to garitina and as soon as you see your frame change in current seed talk to him and I would make a new save state incase you didn’t catch him, now if you did everything exactly how I told you garitina will be shiny 6iv with a modest nature. The next part will be transferring.Part 2 transferring to sun and moonIf your transferring a pokemon that’s legit like garitina these are the steps you need to takeStep 1 get your micro sd card ready put it in your computer transfer your file to your sd card by going to export file in your emulator and naming it the name of the rom. Then put the micro sd card in the m3ds real or whatever r4 card you have and transfer the file to the cartridge.Step 2 tranfer from diamond and pearl to black and white 2 then through pokebank and your game and your done.Part 3 tranfering pokemon like arceus shaymin and darkrai to sun and moonStep 1 get micro sd card in computer with sd card reader transfer your file to pokesav then save for example arceus to your file open pk hex put arceus in the in there open your file from your sun/ moon game in another pkhex and drag arceus over thereStep 2 open cubic ninja assuming you have all the files needed may be a guide in the future for that otherwise look up how to do that. Now arceus in your pkhex export it as main.savStep 3 go to cubic ninja take cubic ninja out and put in sun/moon and import fileStep 4 restart your ds play go to your pc box in sun and moon where you put it at in your game and you will see your 6iv shiny modest pokemon (arceus in this case). It will be where ever you dragged it to on pkhexStep 5 enjoy and have fun hope everyone enjoys this guide
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