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  1. The Adventure: "One Last Fight" Episode 22 Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst In today's episode: We fight the last two members of the Elite 4. The first fight was a little challenge while the second was rather easy. We proceed to the Champion, where we receive a huge surprise on who the champion is. Want to know? You'll have to watch the video. After a hard battle, we win and are the new Champion.
  2. The Adventure: "Electric Trouble" Episode 20 Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst In today's episode: We start off with a trip to the Pokemon Center to heal our team. After we healed our team we are looking for the Gym which we find rather quick. In the Gym we solve a bunch of Redstone puzzles and beat all the trainers on our way. The Gym Leader doesn't stand a chance and we receive the Shock Badge. We fly to Ursire and surf to Mount Recoupe. At least on our seconde try we do. We are now at the start of the Pokemon Leauge.
  3. The Adventure: "Bad News Dragon" Episode 19 Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst In today's episode: Today we explore Ursire Chamber, which directly teleports us to Space(my guess). While Exploring we find Gym 7, the water-type Gym. We beat the Gym without a problem and receive the Typhoon Badge. We keep on exploring and find the Bad News Dragon, the legendary Terragon, we finish him off real quick and leave Ursire Chamber. To finish off the episode we make our way to Lazimar City If you enjoyed the Episode leave a Like, the support is appreciated!
  4. The Adventure: "Ending Evil " Episode 18 Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst In today's Episode, we fight and beat the gym leader of Halfwind Island for that we get the Venom Badge. After the gym fight we surf to the Ursire Chamber, there we met Jason, Melissa and Giltine. We fight and win against Giltine. Jason and Melissa apologize for what they did. Subscribe, Like, Hit the Bell and Comment
  5. In today's episode, we try our luck against Mathers once more and send him flying. The Evil Team escapes and we get HM 02 to follow them to Halfwind Island where we get our behind kicked by Mathers and his now level 100 Giltine. We finish the episode by trying our luck in the local Gym. Subscribe, Like, Hit the Bell and Comment!
  6. The Adventure: "Fighting Evil" Episode 16 Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst In today's Episode, we climb the Chalet Lighthouse to reveal the hidden entrance to the evil Teams layer. In their hideout, we fight against the Evil Boss and lose badly. We flee to Chalet town and canvas the surrounding routes for Ice Pokemon. To end of the Episode we Fly to Monolith City tp catch an Ice Pokemon in the sewers, that we also fail because we don't understand the fishing mechanics of the game. Subscribe, Like, Hit the Bell and Comment
  7. In today's episode, we finish exploring Route 19 we visit Chalet Town and we beat the Ice Gym Leader for our 5 Badge. To finish of the Episode we are on our way to fight the Evil Team Episode 15 Subscribe, Like and Comment
  8. Episode 14 is out, check it! Subscribe, Like and Comment
  9. Watch me take a stroll trough the mountains in Episode 13 Subscribe, Like and Comment
  10. Episode 11 is out,check it!!! Subscribe, Like and Comment
  11. Episode 10 is Online, Check it out! Subscribe, Like and Comment
  12. Episode 9 is out, go and have a look Subscribe, Like and Comment
  13. The Adventure has it's 8 Chapter, check it out Subscribe, Like and Comment
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