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  1. v1.1.1 - Fixed the day roll over when it is a leap year in February. RTCChanger NDS (v1.1.1).7z
  2. As nobody seems to know of any tool around, I decided to create one myself. I've used the "GBA rtcread" tool as base code for GUI, so if you used that tool before, you should be familiar with it. Just be advised that you are responsible to sync the "week day" value too when changing the Date. I was able to successfully do in-game events without penalties, like growing berries by changing time in increments of 4 hours, and saving again. This tool changes the RTC without modifying the "RTC Offset" data in the firmware, so games cannot detect time changes. Source code is included. RTCChangerNDS.zip
  3. Hi, does anyone knows if there's any tool (NDS homebrew) available that allows modifications to the NDS RTC, without triggering the "anti time travel" feature that locks time events in Gen4 and Gen5 for 24h? I can do this with Gen3 using either a GBA homebrew in EverdriveGBA or a NDS homebrew for original Gen3 carts. I can also do this in 3DS using GodMode9 for 3DS Gen6 and Gen7 games. But I never found a tool that actually do this for NDS RTC, the Gen4 and Gen5. That would be a NDS homebrew for R4 carts. Thx!
  4. I was messing up with PKHeX Event flags in XY, and managed to rebattle Xerneas/Yveltal. Unfortunately this isn't a simple flag. First, the flags that enable Xerneas/Yveltal in HQ basement are the following: Flag Status 0837 - UnSet Flag Status 0838 - Set The big problem now is that there's no way enter the Team Flare's HQ in Geosense Town after the events are finished. So, we must change other stuffs: Constant 159 must have value 7 to enable entering the elevator in the big rock (after events, the value is changed to 9) This will let you enter the hidden door anyways and reach the HQ basement, where Xerneas/Yveltal is awaiting. (If you change also constant 49 to value 4640, the Geosense Town scenary will behave the same as the event, but this is not necessary). Second problem is that after you capture Xerneas/Yveltal you will need to rebattle Lysandre. I couldn't find a way to prevent this yet. All I know is that if you lose the battle with Lysandre, the constant 202 will have value 6, so when you reenter the basement, Lysandre will be awaiting to battle. After winning battle, the constant 202 will have value 7, and constant 159 will have value 9. If anyone that understands more about the event flags can do more research about this, maybe there's a way to disable Lysandre battle right after capturing the Legend.
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