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  1. So its correct for example if a save file have 1 XYZ Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. But not 2 XYZ Xerneas redeem?
  2. Oh, so thats what the number in front are use! Thanks, thats why I cant have all dem hatchus.
  3. I was curious, if I have a XYZ Xerneas, is it legit to have XYZ Yveltal or XYZ Zygarde wdc in my same save file? Same goes to other events like 20th anniversary, can a save file redeem all different mons from the 20th or just one like the Ash Hatchu.
  4. Just a minor text error, the description was supposed to say Blacephalon but its Stakataka instead. (...to encounter 2 Stakataka...) I dont know where to post so I hope here will work.
  5. Did you edit your pokemon friendship to 255, and "SET" it to replace one of the pokemon in your storage/ team?
  6. I found out that PID can be also used to determine Egg Shiny Value. So if I edit the PID and the PID that I typed in will turn out to be a ESV that matched mine TSV. My concern is that will this flag any illegal or get caught by doing that and go online. Also, lately I cancel the sync for my save file to my PGL. But everytime I go online a message of me failed to sync with pgl came up. Is there a way to prevent this? like by typing 0000000 into my game sync data?
  7. So I just have to set the wonder card in my mystery gift? Won't all wonder card's pokemon PID be the same with other players?
  8. What are the red text mean at the page of "Lunar Magikarp Wonder Card", PID Shiny PID and the skill Bounce is colored red. Do I have to change anything, or I can just simply put the wonder card into the mystery gift section in pkhex and save and take the pokemon out in the game menu.
  9. I'm using latest build of PkHex. Everything works fine until I clicked on the trainer info button. Everytime I clicked it, this error appeared, but the error let me choose to continue or abort PkHex.
  10. I went to pgl and I can't login to my acc. Is the maintenance started already?
  11. One question, if I'm not banned. Can I "un-link" my game sync with my save file by using Pkhex? just like this, can I unsync my save and continue to modify my trainer info or gen pokemons?
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