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  1. yeah it works perfectly i now have pksm cia edition and it works with nds games thanks and mission accomplished
  2. ive installed luma and am currently working on fbi
  3. tested decrypt9 on 2ds is fully operational i'm now busy with ctrtransfer
  4. im now also installing decrypt9 and ctrtransfer 2.1
  5. i did actually follow the complete guide for 11.2
  6. well i am on 11.2 to so thus that mean i'm screwed
  7. i have already tried that one is actually how i got homebrew at all
  8. do you know how to downgrade because i can't seem to find anything
  9. i have homebrew launcher and also i can't install cias because fbi does'nt work because of something
  10. PKSM .3dx version is okay for 3ds pokemon but it doesn't register nds games
  11. it just replies that something went wrong
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