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  1. anyone is homebrew still the preferred method for using pkhex? i made a thread b4 but i cant find it idk if there were any answers or not
  2. I haven't used pkhex for a minute or my 3ds there's probably an update waiting to fix bugs n what not so I'm wondering if its safe to update? , I don't remember the name but I remember it was free and it was a sound program or something. on the 3ds is that still the method to use for pkhex or has it been patched? if so is there been something better come along since then?
  3. i posted a thread yesterday but i cant seem to find it so ,yesterday i got a 3ds update. i havent played for a while so idk how long its been sittin there. but will i still be able to use pkhex if i update the system?
  4. I haven't played in a while so I loaded up my ds to play but it said it needed an update, but I didn't do it as I was afraid it would mess up the pkhex usage, does the update mess with anything pkhex ? like if I update will I still be able to use phkex?
  5. when i try too make the mon it says invalid: current handler cannot be past gen OT for transffered specimen ;o
  6. but how do i do that ,im trying to get a shiny rayquaza with ,dragon acent,extreme speed,earthquake and dragon dance , and idk how do that
  7. i dont get how too do the wondercard thing ;o
  8. how do i drag a wondercard ? ive never done it b4
  9. which one do i use to be able too use online ?
  10. what about the event rayquaza from oras that was shiny? theres nothing in pkhex i cud use to make it seem legit? ;o
  11. it seems everything else on him works except the move v-create it just wont register even if i put it in egg move it wont come up as legal. and i read that rayquaza is able to learn v create so why wont it work? i dont understand :< everything else checks out ,dragon ascent,draco meteor,extreme speed just fine but as soon as i put in v create the red trianlge shows up
  12. oh i see ;o so wait for the update n then the legality triangle should be there for my sawsbuck and other pokemons not from gen 6 or 7?
  13. im trying to make a sawsbuck for to use in moon ,but problem is there is no legality check for it ;o like theres no red exclamation point too tell me if anythings wrong how do i know if its legal ,if it doesnt tell me ,cuz if i go online it will most likely say there is something wrong with your pokemon team ;o am i missing something? :< it also gives an aleert that says EC should match PID
  14. i was pretty excited to finally be able to use pokemon from other games.. i tried to go online with my gardevoir and it said it had a banned item . the gardevorite it has why whyyy!!! i dont understand :'(
  15. i have a question ,since it seems to be related to trainer info.. if i got a pokemon via wonder trade and wanted too change the trainer id too mine would it still count as bad or can i change the trainer id and it be fine as long as i dont change my own?
  16. but tat doesnt mean they wont ban you later it could be they havent gotten to you yet .___. hopefully we know all the answers soon so i can help ppl get shiny pokemon again ;o
  17. are the bans only for the people who modified there saves and are going online to battle and stuff? or can u also get banned for trading pokemon to wonder trade or link trades if you used pkhex ? i really only use pkhex too help people when they need certain shiny pokemon that they cant get themselves but i do sometimes head for a battle or two with some shines ;o
  18. i dont see anything about a ban whats the thread called
  19. where do i find the older version ? the one that still works?
  20. when i look at the folder though it says it was modified on the 26th ?
  21. i tried to make a ralts for my moon version but it said this species is unavailable prior to bank release. so i was told to download the latest version i did that ,but now idk what to do it wont open for me like the older version did have i done something wrong? i downloaded it right from the github website
  22. i havent played it in a while so is there a way to unlock all clothing and accessories in pokemon x and y like there is in sun and moon?
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