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  1. Hey all long time no post. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to put this it's been a while. I was wondering if anyone was able to list all ribbons a egg hatched 3rd gen tyranitar is able to end up with when finally getting to gen 7? I'm unsure of what ribbons get lumped together for the battle memory and Wich tourney ribbons were ever made available
  2. there not fake pokes ive just had the files for them backed up they are from original sources so they will pass
  3. im just looking to get someone these files so they can put them into there copy of x or y or oras, then they can trade them to my copy of x.. it doesnt involve pokebank and doesnt involve gen 7 i think everyone is just getting hung up on the fact i mentioned pokebank and gen 7 in the original post. i just need someone to get them into gen 6 i can do the rest from a normal trade
  4. yes i understand that, i am now asking for help getting them into gen 6 so i can just put them into my poke bank from there
  5. would you need pokebank if i gave someone the direct file and the were able to put it into there own game? not sure how it all works so pardon my confusion. i also picked up a copy of pokemon X just in case that was the only way i could get them from my pc so if someone can help me get them into my copie of x that would be awesome
  6. Hello all, im new to the site so sorry if this isnt the proper place to post this. i just got back into the game after my fiance bought me a new system and pokemon moon for xmas but i noticed that some of my old rare pokes arent in my bank anymore. i have them saved on my pc from when i was a bit more savvy but atm i dont have the means to retrieve them to my game. if i send someone the files can you trade me them to my pokemon moon? there all legit pokes btw not generated.. as far as i know lol. - Gale of darkness lugia high ivs -V create rayquaza with high ivs those are the ones i care about but for insentive i have files for wish kangaskhan and chansey and some others wich did manage to stay in my pokebank. thank you for your possibly assistance
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