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  1. island scan pokemon legality

    ah i did not read the edit, i was writing the reply when the edit was made. so i should not add the suggested moves recommended by PKHeX if it is a pokemon obtained through the island scan. thank you, kaphotics.
  2. island scan pokemon legality

    that's what i thought, which is why it is set to "none". so is the legal error a bug or am i misunderstanding something?
  3. island scan pokemon legality

    it happens for multiple, if not all, island scan pokemon, everything is as suggested by PKHeX itself. suggested met location, met level, current moves and relearn moves
  4. island scan pokemon legality

    wasn't the latest PKHeX update suppose to fix the issue related to island scan pokemon being considered illegal? when adding the suggested relearn moves for a island scan pokemon PKHeX says "Invalid Relearn Move 1:Static encounter relearn move mismatch", it says this for all 4 relearn moves which are set and suggested to be "none". is it a issue with PKHeX or am i doing something wrong?