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    Hack checker

    So I heard rumors that there is a new 5 point electronic hack system? I'm getting ready for regionals and was just wondering if there is any truth to this? I've bred all my pokemon so I'm not worried but I have a friend, yes I know that's the worst thing to say lol, who wants to use guzzlord but with no time to catch him. Can anyone confirm or?
  2. Sorry I've been busy, the issue resolved itself. Not sure why1 but it works
  3. I did, and it opens everything is just really slow and i havent made it my files yet. Its opened and attempting to open the files
  4. I do have the most recent .net framework i checked Edit: i went to run a repair on it and this is what i got
  5. WIndows 7 and i believe am I, is there a specific way to update it? I had to redownload it would that not be the most recent one?
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, So everytime i try and open pkhex the starting app pops up then disappears and nothing else comes up. What does? Edit: There appears to be no error in my event viewer. i have uninstalled and reinstalled pkhex but it doesnt seem to work. Edit 2: WHen i did try to unistall it wouldnt let me and kept telling me that the application was open. I went to the task manager and tried to shut it down from there however it would not let me. i had to shut down my pc and uninstall after booting up but i am still running into the same problem.
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