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  1. Update: I reported the bug (@kaphotics) of importing .pgt files into D/P/PT save. He already committed a fix. With the latest build or the upcoming this bug should be resolved. The numbering should now be correct. (offset2) Special thanks @kaphotics, fast fix took just a few minutes/seconds
  2. You don't need to. I have all relevant answers. Finally. First, offset:2 is the number of the mystery gift in your album. I found out that in D/P/PT the first gift is set to 01, while in HG/SS it is set to 00. That explains this difference. This is also why there is a BUG in PKHeX and PokeGen by injecting .pgt and .pcd files it set the values to 00 instead of 01, so in D/P/PT you will notices by checking the card album it says it is already received. (NOTE: Some members reported it has to do with the list on the right, in the gift editor window in PKHeX, this is wrong the card number should be listed there (it doesn't matter if already received or not)!) All wonder cards have the same value of 40 at offset F9, except the mew event (I can not test that anymore). So all cards in the event gallery missing that value are not correct. I check most of them and all seems to match this criteria except the already mentioned one and mew. Edit: I have created a set of 100% valid wondercards, except mew I wont be able to tell at this point in time. All wondercard that have HeartGold (Met Tab) as there origin will have offset2 set to 00, all other have offset2 set to 01. Wondercards Merged.zip Edit: all hashes
  3. I just checked other files from the event gallary, this files following the same paradigm, except mew which was distributed over wifi maybe they are different in some way... NWS Manaphy ENG [PPorg].pgt same two offsets Movie Darkrai ENG-UK [PPorg].pgt same two offsets Movie Shaymin ENG-USA [PPorg].pgt same two offsets Movie Shaymin ENG-EU [PPorg].pgt same two offsets Anniversary Mew ENG [PPorg].pgt same fist offset its its 02 instead of 01, secound offset diffrent Oblivia Deoxys (Attack) ENG [PPorg].pgt same two offsets
  4. After nearly one hour I have discover the problem, finally! First the files seems to be wrong I could now recreate that issue. All files that missing 01 at offset 02 are imported .pcd files exported as .pgt. By doing that the offset get changed to 00, there are no differences by using pokegen because it can just export pcd files. why the the offset f9 is diffrent i dont know but this could also be because of modifying the file by any editor available at the time! So I can say with 100% certainty the pgt files post here are not legal, they have been modified in any way. Cheers
  5. I would never questioning that. I trust you, first you know much more than I, second there are many honest people contributing to this community. But for some reason arceus and celebi are not reproducible for me. They are diffrent for some reason, I want to know why this occurs... I also distributed gen5 local event in the pgf format all generated pgf have the same sha1sum as well.
  6. The .pcd are as already mentioned completely identical. I change the pc date to the corresponding .pcd from project Pokemon before I transmitted it via melonDS. I looked up the met date with the mystery gift editor 1.4.3, that the reason why the. pcd have the exactly same sha1sum. EDIT: I also didi it witch the EU Shaymin distribution. And in this case the pcd and pgt matches the one from project pokemon. sha1sums are identical. They have both 02 at offset 2 and 40 at offset f9.
  7. I did some advanced file comparison of the .pgt distributed by projectpokemon and my own distributed, what I found out that the celebi and arceus is nearly the same as yours with except of some diffrences. Does someone know what this changes mean? 019 Movie Arceus ENG-EU [PPorg].pgt NA - Raw Gift - Arceus - Self Distribution - PKHeX extraction.pgt 062 Winter Celebi ENG-EU [PPorg].pgt NA - Raw Gift - Celebi - Self Distribution - PKHeX extraction.pgt
  8. That was my initial question if there exist a SoulSilver Celebi. But I found out that PKHeX does not have legally checks for Gen4 events, you could change the met Tab to SoulSilver and it will be seen as legal, even if it is not possible. SoulSilver, Diamond, Perl and Platnium WIN2011 Celebi do not exist! That was the resaon why I tested that.... Why should I waste some time RNGing faulty pokemon, now I know that in Gen4 it does not matter if the event pokemon does not match the game version.
  9. I made no Gen5 claims at all. I just recognized that by injecting a .pgf (Gen5) into B/W/B2/W2 the Pokemon you received will be the same as the corresponding version. However, in Gen4 .pgt and .pcd it wont matter, because all Celebis will be HeartGold ones no matter if received with D/P/PT/SS.
  10. Okay I tested it I used melonDS 0.7 and a distribution cartridge. I generated a WIN2011 Celebi on Diamond (EU). I simulated a completely "legit" environment. Interestingly PKHeX reports the Pokemon as HeartGold even if it was generated and recived on Diamond. I uploaded also the pcd and pgt extracted with PKHeX. Interestingly the pcd hashes matches yours but the pgt doesn't. Card # 0062 - Time to travel with CELEBI!.pcd NA - Raw Gift (PGT).pgt
  11. Okay i tried injecting it with PokeGen and I got the same results: wondercard does not match the game version. So is there any app I can use that the injected wondercard matches the version? Can I change the wondercard to match the game version?
  12. Alright is there any repository except ProjectPokemon Github and this sites event gallery for wondercards? I did some Gen5 wondercards injecting wiht PKHeX with Black and White2 and they appeared to be change to the right version. Don't know why this does not apply to GenIV, maybe due to the other format they used.
  13. Ok thx, but just out of curiosity, does a SoulSilver wondercard also exist? Or all FALL2010 Mews flaged as HeartGold?
  14. I have a question regarding PKHeX and .pgt and .pcd files. Does I need to inject both files to generate legal Pokemon? I have also seen that in the met tap in PKHeX, the FALL2010 Mew is set to HeartGold but I recived it with SoulSilver?
  15. I have not modified the wondecard, I just injected it with PkHeX. So the wondercard file has the wrong language code. Maybe someone can change this? So noone has the same issues as I have?
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