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  1. Tried setting up FileZilla, it said I was behind a NAT router so I needed to configure some settings and forward a range of ports. I can't get on the site for my router to forward those ports so I'm kind of stuck. Also I'm not sure what I changed but smallftpd isn't working anymore either. Honestly the whole FTP thing isn't really worth the time I've sunk into it, especially since I'll be leaving for college soon and won't even have access to this network anymore. I've tried all the slot 2 save tools I've been able to find (Wood dumper gave me a white screen) so I don't really see any solutions in sight. Thanks for the help though
  2. Oh boy. What an ordeal this has been just to do something I bought an action replay years ago to be able to do. First thing I did was set up the hidden administrator account, before you brought that to my attention I had no idea that even existed. I tried it with both versions of sgm (3.0 and 2.4), then both versions again with my regular account, still the same error. I tried to connect to my server with FileZilla and got this: I couldn't make sense of this seeing as before a few days ago I didn't even know what an FTP server was. Should be noted I got the same error using my IP address instead of localhost. And unfortunately smallftpd.free.fr is now defunct so I can't look up that error code. I figured something is clearly blocking the FTP server from working and it's not my firewall, so I tried turning on the native FTP server from Programs and features. However it gave me an access denied message, even on the admin account. Like any foolish Windows user I clicked on the "Tell me how to solve this problem" link knowing full well it would be useless and it wasn't even the right error code. Thanks for your responses, hopefully this mess helps you guys better understand how to use Pokedoc's tool on Windows 10 (with crappy hardware nonetheless).
  3. I'm on an admin account but I checked anyway. I changed the permissions of the folder for all users to include write but that didn't fix it. I tried adding new rules to the firewall to try and open up ports 20/21, disabling the firewall entirely, using Rudolph's wifi tool, still no dice. SGM also never finishes "reading" the directory. I even tried creating a dummy .sav file to overwrite by changing the extension of an AR .duc save, but SGM never even detected that. There's definitely some issue preventing the DS from talking to the server. I haven't tried enabling windows 10's native FTP service yet because I think it would just create a server separate from smallftp but I will when I get back from work. Also I tried to get on my router's IP address to try forwarding port 21 but it just didn't load
  4. Thanks for responding. I didn't try the 3DS methods since my firmware is at the latest upgrade and I don't have either software. Also I didn't realize that the AR was supposed to be running the tools, I had no idea that a homebrew running from slot 1 could dump to slot 2. Anyways, I set up smallftpd to use for pokedoc's tool and connected my DS to the wifi I'm using but sgm hangs on "Connecting to an FTP server..." in wifi mode. Probably something wrong on the server side but I have no idea what. In GBA mode, when I touch the save option it does nothing and the bottom two lines describing my flash card blank out and then go back to normal. This is when I DLDI patch it for GnM, when I use the Super Card DLDI like it says to in the manual I get a black screen or DLDI error. Also I tried Rudolph's save tool but it apparently doesn't work with BW saves, and I already have the ARDSi for those games. I also tried Marc's NDS saves to slot 2 tool but it doesn't recognize my slot 2 flash cart. Really confused EDIT: Got FTP mode working, kind of. It logs on and attempts to write the .sav file but then tells me "Could not write to your FTP server! Maybe you forgot to enable write access?" I definitely have LRW set as the permissions. Also my FTP directory is C:\saves\ so there shouldn't be any permission issues. Still confused
  5. I've tried for hours using various methods to backup my saves to no avail. I'm pretty lost at this point so I figured I should ask people who know their stuff to see if what I'm doing is even possible. Hardware I have: - DS Lite (unflashed) - Action Replay DSi with SD slot, 1.25 firmware - Super Card Mini SD - Unsecured "guest network" wifi connection - 3DS (probably useless but worth mentioning I guess) I realize that the Super Card is garbage, it was a gift so not my choice. I'd rather not buy any more hardware due to monetary constraints, but it seems like this should be enough. I just can't for the life of me figure out how. Also I'd prefer methods that don't use wifi since I've heard that can take hours, but if that's the only option then whatever. Thanks
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