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  1. I think the same. For example, in the SPA folder we have right now "0578 XYORAS - Descartes Zygarde (SPA).wc6" and "0578 XYORAS - XYZ Zygarde (SPA).wc6". Actually I have no clue but I think that the "0578 XYORAS - XYZ Zygarde (SPA).wc6" is only for the USA region. I don't know if I'm wrong with those Zygarde but if one of those is from USA only, it is a bit confusing for us. Oh, btw @theSLAYER I wanted to use the Spanish event "1504 ORAS - Máximo Shiny Beldum (SPA)" and the Met Date is setted as "21/01/2011" but the event was distributed between 21/11/2014 and 14/01/2015. I have edited the date to a legit looking one (15-12-2014) since in Europe we didn't had the game released till 28/11/2014. Thank you for your awesome job guys!
  2. Hello again! Today I got a lvl 1 Feebas through GTS trade with the item "Prism Scale" so the lvl 1 Feebas evolved into Milotic. If I go to PKHeX to edit all my crappy pokémons, it shows the following when I check my new Milotic: But if you check in Bulbapedia you can see that everything is correct. I don't know if this is implemented in your recently updates, I just wanted to notice you. Cheers and thank you for your job!
  3. Hello, first of all my apologies if is not a bug, I just want to notice you out about a little mistake in the legality checker. I had a legit Numel, so using PKHeX I made it shiny and evolved into a Camerupt. The legality checker says that the "encounter" is not valid. So I checked the location and it was ok. Seems like the problem was the lvl (it was lvl 16) so I think, it would be less confusing if that advertisement is switched to "Not a valid level" or something else. Thank you for your awesome tool, and sorry for my crappy English! Here is a proof:
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