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    Wondering if...

    Wondering if the option to change what the Psychic says when you ask her what Pokemon you had when you beat a badge. As in the option to change what Pokemon she says. Would love to know if this can be implemented! Thanks in advance!
  2. Still looking for help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello! I'm new here and I made an account because I was really interested in this thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?46883-GEN-3-Mystery-Gift-Research In that thread there is a link to Japanese Emerald Codes and I'm really interested in the Old Sea Map code! I know you can get the Old Sea Map from other codes like buying it at the mart or warping etc. but I'd really like to get the Old Sea Map Mystery Gift Code to work! I have tried many times to get it to work by loading the game adding block 1 saving and repeating the process but no luck! I was wondering if there woul
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