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  1. Okay then, so If I just add my SID from a traded pokemon of my original game I should be good. gonna do this tonight and see if it works ;D Thanks for the reply man, you're always active haha ;D
  2. Well I've been playing around with my second console, and I can't realy seem to do this. I pick a pokemon from a random file (Usually the files either asia or theSLAYER provided, thanks for that), however I want my pokemon to have the "Met level" ingame to be the level only, however once I trade them to my legit console (which is the OT I want), the level shows up at "apparently met at level xx " I tried changing the OT of the pokemon to mine, but I was wondering if I also need to retrieve my SID from a pokemon so the pokemon is legally mine, as when traded after adding only my OT number and IGN (didn't change the SID as I didn't have it at that time) the pokemon said "Take good care of" as if it wasn't mine, since if the pokemon was mine it'd have said "Welcome back xxx" kinda weird phrased but I hope someone gets what I'm trying to achieve.
  3. dmed you the links to the github I used
  4. Finally found a PLGP savefile and could load the pokes, added them to the post, however still gotta confirm alolan vulpix is legal as I can't find the exact met method. Thanks for the info and help anyways ;D
  5. Thanks for all that, however my main issue is I don't have a savefile loaded as my console can't dump anything, therefore I can't read any of those pb7 files on my pkhex, which means I can't edit or change anything on any of the files that are there ._. Still I'm planning on getting a second console to install CFW and use it to trade via lan those pokemons to my console that can use online.
  6. Thing is one of the pokes I want is an alolan Vulpix, which is not on that list of pokes afaik. I'll try looking how to make a pokemon, however when I try loading a pokemon from that file into the latest release of pkhex I get an error saying it's an unsupported file. Otherwise I'd have done em to make it easier
  7. Hi, after looking for a while I found this section, since my console has no access to CFW or anything, as it's the PLGP version, I'd like to request if someone can make just 2 pokes I need and I'd like to have on my team. I understand the hacking thing isn't easy and online is an issue from what I've been reading, if someone is willing to help, I'd be grateful and also willing to donate if needed to whoever does this request. not sure as to how set the pokemons as things have changed and the request form is for 3DS I assume, so If anyone takes this request I'll just DM de details ;D EDIT: One of the pokemons is already in the attached file, alolan Vulpix states the encounter is invalid, but I'm sure it's correct, could check tho Shiny Haunter.pb7 Shiny Vulpix.pb7
  8. If anyone can trade me a copy of that pokemon, [if JAP even better] I'd be gratefull Whoever is able to just lemme know and I'll send my Friend Code.
  9. Well, I'm trying to create a tradeable shiny mew, and I just can't do it. I set everything exactly as it's supposed to and still won't let me trade it via Friend Code. https://www.mediafire.com/?w1prdgrynkc0enr That's the pokemon I generated, and whenever I try to trade with someone, it just tells me I cant do it. Any idea on what is happening or what am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance.
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