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  1. Problem with PkHex Pokemon

    Hello, I have a problem with PkHex. When I create a pokemon, as you can see in the image, it comes out that is legal but then when trying to play online it tells me that there is some problem in some of my pokemon. This is the first time it happens to me, the PkHex check list comes out as correct. I have seen attacks, where eggs hatch, the days they gave me eggs, etc. Any ideas? Greetings and thank you
  2. Problem with PkHex Pokemon

    Oh, thanks very much!! completely forget that.
  3. Problem with PkHex Pokemon

    No, the same problem. I have another Mamoswine with Stone Edge and with that I have no problem, the problem is with the Mamoswine Stealth rocks.
  4. Problem with PkHex Pokemon

    The problem is with Mamoswine: