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  1. Hey, there! Would anyone be able to trade these over to me? I would really appreciate the help! FC - SW-3350-4366-7718 555-02 ★ - Darmanitan - 0A2D61089E8E.pk8 006 ★ - Charizard - 77CBFB71A981.pk8
  2. Hello, all - I was banned from battle spot due to a traded pokemon I had that was not legit. I have a powersave backup before the pokemon was traded, but the problem is I would need a new Game Sync ID (Which you can only get by restarting the game.) to play online. If I delete my current file and create a new save file, would I be able to: A. - Restore my old save file onto the new file B. - Have a new Game Sync ID created in the process. I've been searching, but I cannot get a concrete answer. Thanks!
  3. Awesome! I'm available to trade any time today if you are available.
  4. Hello! Requesting a Shiny Genesect from an Event from a few years ago. Thanks!
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