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  1. I have heart gold, my plan was to just add the event card to the game after setting the clock to when the event happened, from what I can tell that is the most "legit" mew I can probably get at this point (unless they do something for the 20th year anniversary)
  2. *facepalm* I guess it helps if I "set" the updates to the pokemon before I save the changes and then restore my save. I somehow missed that small yet crucial step.
  3. I apologize for the question, but I'm having some problems with getting the edits I make to game saves to reflect on the game. I'm just starting off with this, so I was trying to keep it "simple" at first until I figured out what I was doing. Hardware/Software Nintendo DS NDS Adapter Plus (Firmware updated to v3.05) Pokemon Heart Gold Pokegen 3.1.13 Steps I've Followed Download save to my PC with the NDS Adapter Clear my save file off of Heart Gold Go into Pokegen and open up the save file Make desired changes (for now I was just trying to increase my starter's level and stats) Save my updates (this creates the .bak file) Restore my save file (the one without the .bak) to the cart with the NDS adapter So I'm successful in backing up and restoring the save file, and when I initially check my updates to the save files, it appears that the updates have gone through, but once I restore it and boot the game back up on my DS it doesn't seem to have held the changes. I'm feeling like I'm missing something, I tried doing some google searches but either it's just the instructions that I thought I was following, or videos of how to edit them for XY/ORAS. My overall goal was to make a "legit" Mew so I can transfer it over to my X/Y so I can fill out my Pokedex (and otherwise just enjoy Mew in all it's 3-D goodness). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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