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  1. It won't work with Gateway, just legitimate games.
  2. The latest builds now have the ability to modiy moves, species, held items and pokeball. I'll upload the latest build for you. Edit: Attached is the latest build as of this post - PCHex-26-09-25.zip
  3. TheMeq


    Hello, my name is TheMeq, I have a 3DS which is tubehax'd as well as own a powersave device. I use a mixture of both to modify and gain Pokémon. Looking forward to being a part of the community
  4. Hello all, I just read a forum post by @YoshiOG1 about a homebrew version of PKHex. Just so you know YoshiOG1, there is a current WIP called PCHex which is slowly bringing the functionality of PKHex to the 3DS as a homebrew. https://github.com/Strackeror/PCHex Currently, you can change IV's, EV's, PKRS Strain and Level. He is currently working on adding species (change of actual Pokémon). Enjoy!
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