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  1. Ive heard of homebrew definitely going to check that out right now, Thanks Kaphotics!
  2. I will go check those now, thanks for replying!
  3. It seems dukesrg was down for me a while now, and was wondering if there's another way of dumping the SD card file like ram2sav? Since dukesrg site is down for some reason even a mirror won't work; the exporting file method won't work I'd like to edit my trainer info soon so, if anyone could reply and get me back up to date again that would be great. :biggrin:
  4. Supperrr late reply sorry if your asking for those first 4 pokemon yes i can help you out with those or trade you them its no problem the others im not so sure i have that power rn should i add your Fc?
  5. So i am a event collector and i have pokegened a ton events all of them actually and i was wondering if this site needs any info for stats, moves or old events etc.. also i am here if you need help pokegening a tradeable event or a wonder card with WC6 or other editors even tho pkhex has been patched with web injection since march some people still use it on older Verisons of 3ds and so do i, just pm me or comment on this post if you need anything:tongue: i hope i am posting in the right forum Lol
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