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  1. Putting it in the box didn't fix it. This is so weird. And I thought genning wasn't possible anymore.
  2. Hey, so I got my Powersaves recently and I've been learning how to use it which is pretty easy, however I noticed that after I max a Pokemon's EXP, it gains a bit too many Health Points. For example, My level 100 Roserade now has 267 HP (0 EVs) although it should only have 263. Furthermore, when I used a Pomeg Berry to check if it had any EVs in HP that I forgot about, It said its HP couldn't get any lower yet it rose all the way up to 310ish! I am so thoroughly confused and I would like some help on this as I plan to clone this mon for a GTS giveaway I'm holding and don't wanna gift the awesome people a useless poke :[
  3. Unfortunately, the two pages, http://bit.ly/1JUgAFv and http://bit.ly/1Caycho, are blocked in my country for some reason. Is there any way to play around that? Thanks in advance.
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