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  1. So I downloaded the software for my new Cyber Gadget Save Editor 2, and when it installed, I saw that the program is in Japanese. I then tried downloading the English modified save editor. That showed up in Japanese too. Anyone have any idea how I can change the language to English? Thanks!!
  2. When injected, the save states (on the trainer card) that the game began in 2011, but in PKHex I can't find where to change it....help? Thanks!
  3. A very kind individual sent me a pkhex save file to edit to inject into my AS cart, whose save was corrupted. The problem is, the gender is set to male and the cart to Omega Ruby, and when I try to change to female/Alpha Sapphire, the selections are grayed out. Is there anything I can do to change them? Thanks!
  4. I'm wondering what options I need to choose to make a pokemon appear like I bred and hatched it at the battle resort - thanks!!
  5. Seems to have been spontaneous I've never used Powersave or anything like that... I would buy a pre version 9.0 3ds if doing so would let me retrieve my pokes... EDIT: It seems that the problem may be that my cartridge popped out while the game was active but in sleep mode...I had thought that my data was safe as long as I had saved the game successfully
  6. I hope i'm posting this in the right place... A few days ago, I discovered that my Alpha Sapphire game save had been corrupted. No clue why. I've never backed it up or used any sort of device with the game (I own the retail cartridge). Am I completely SOL and have to restart or is there a way to retrieve my data? I lost so many rare pokes.... Thanks!
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