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  1. Euhh sorry but i got 1 last question On the step where it says " Go here: http://rxtools.net/ Click "How-To" at the top Select your 3DS SYSNAND version and let's assume you have the exploitable Internet Browser available (the last number in your system version should be at least "-17" I believe)" I have sysnand fw 7.1.0-14... So i assume this won't work for me right? And if so, how could i get this exploitable browser Thanks ! :3
  2. Hmmm but are you sure it works with retail cartridges? I just read this : https://gbatemp.net/threads/is-there-a-way-to-use-savedatafiler-with-retail-cartridges.378315/
  3. Ok, so if i follow all the steps in the guide, then go on FBI to Install Save data filer (what is fbi and Save data filer btw?^^) i should be good? And how will i use Save data filer with pkhex to edit my Save? Thanks :3
  4. Euh ok thanks The problem is that i'm quite new to these things So may i ask some questions?^^ First what is rxtools, emunand and fbi? And on which console should i do all of This? Thanks^^
  5. Hi So i updated my 3ds to 9.5.023 and can't pokegen anymore (( So i just bought a new 3ds and This one is on 7.0 How can i update it to 9 -> 9.5.022 to be able to pokegen Thanks !
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