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  1. Do you Know if the gateway Exploit/emuNAND work on the 2ds even if its on 9.2 ver?
  2. is their a way out, like downgrading to a lower ver or updating to to little high version, but not go over 9.5
  3. i think its because i updated my 2ds with a game cartridge, its on ver 9.2.0-12U. i was reading some other fourms that if you update with a game cartridge it will give me an update. that's what i did. i clear my history and cookies. yes yes
  4. i need help im on ver. 9.2. But i keep getting this message after the browser crashes ''An error has occurred. please save your data in any software currently in use, and then restart the system'', i now its this message it means that it work, but when a check to see if theirs a third file to edit the boxes/pokemon, nothings their. the only thing their are the two files that i put and the third one (but that one was already their. please help. im i doing things right. i follow all the steps but after the 7. step and check to see if ''ramsav.bin'' nothings their.
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