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  1. Here's some data I got for OR Sky Pillar Flags: 674, 792, 1178 CHECKED 750 UNCHECKED (Wallace Unlocking Sky Pillar) 457 UNCHECKED (Defeating Wallace at Sky Pillar) 2735, 2799, 2888 CHECKED (Entering Sky Pillar) 1388 CHECKED (Picking up Sky Pillar Dragon Scale) 725 CHECKED (After listening to all of Rayquaza's Story) 1395 CHECKED (Picking up TM64 [Explosion]) 2926 CHECKED 844 UNCHECKED (Before Battling Rayquaza) 217, 604, 704, 713, 722, 724, 753, 844, 883, 928, 930, 953, 2633, 2842, 2925 CHECKED 416, 540, 686, 759, 760, 892, 914, 915, 916, 918, 921, 927, 929, 2926 UNCHECKED (After Capturing Rayquaza and Deoxys, defeating Zinnia, and ending the episode)
  2. Just thought I should post that flag 214 is somehow applied to the Johto starters. Trying to figure out how to be able to just uncheck and collect all three on one save.. EDIT: Figured out both the Johto and Unova starters! For the Johto starters - after accepting one from Professor Birch, uncheck Flag 214, and change the event constants as follows: 0x094=0, 0x0F6=0, and 0x1EE=0. For the Unova starters - after accepting one from Professor Birch, uncheck Flag 215, and change the event constants as follows: 0x022=1, 0x098=0, 0x0F6=3, and 0x1EE=3. Took me a hot minute, but I got it! =D
  3. I really don't know much about digital versions, but I can answer the physical parts.1. I do this all the time. Mainly with the Mirage Spots. I'll save on the island and I plan on restoring them later when I want to revisit. There's no problem restoring as long as they are going to/from the same cartridge. 2. Your Pokebank is tied to your NNID, so regardless of what game you have in, you have access to whatever's in the bank. If you put in one backed up save of OR, you can deposit all those pokemon into the bank, continue playing, go back to the original, and all of the bank remains the save. Theoretically, you could continually backup and restore before and after capturing Groudon and have all 100 boxes filled with him. Not sure why anyone would want to, but it's just an example. It's a nice exploit. Hope I helped!
  4. Ok quick question. I have a save file of Omega Ruby on a SKY3DS. I'd like to be able to transfer that to a retail cart. I know it's possible, as I've done it with Y to the SKY3DS. Now, does anyone know if doing so will change anything like the online header or such? I don't want to get banned on a retail cart just because I restored my save from a flashcart.
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