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  1. Hello? Why anybody answer me? Do yo answer the Other people and not me? Why?
  2. Hello? I believed that were many experts in this forum...
  3. Hello. You don't help me with the saves so I have another question Is there any AR code that can change my first pokemon election in pokemon black and white? Yes, a code that I put It on desmume and if i choose oshawott My rivals have Tepig and snivy. Do you know any code?
  4. Hello, this is the same threat that my theat It is true that pokestock can change the récords? Anyone nows how?
  5. Ok, thank you very much. Do you know someone on this forum who I can talk about this?
  6. Alpha? Can someone help me please?
  7. Ok, I will do that An other question. I know that With poke sav I can edit my ID and other things My question is: there is any program to edit The récords of that sav? Yes, to edit things like The Number of changes, of battles, of Eggs, The time playing The game... The things that I Would like to put in that save like The other ¿It is any program?
  8. Someone is in this forum? Hello?
  9. Hello, I am Xkroter, darksalamence16 in PxP, and this is my first thread. First, I am spanish, but I think I can speak with you with my english. Well, I need help because I want to transform this savs: -Pokemon White -Pokemon Heartgold Into this savs: -Pokemon Black -Pokemon SoulSilver I do the method of put the name of the .nds in the sav (Put "soulsilver" in my heartgold sav") and I start the game in my flashcard, but there are little errors in the two savs that I want to improve, like phrases that say some people or things like that For example in pokemon black (white) I found two D
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