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  1. OH! You are so wonderful and kind , thank you very much! I will download that!
  2. Thank you for your kindly help! Could you please tell me where can I found the data such as where I can meet gaintmax pokemon or level. Thanks again!
  3. Oh, when I was able to made a screen shot of an example in English(I use simply Chinses as defalult), it doesn't show any error anymore, just see the green checkmark. So I think it was a bug(?) or I just make a mistake. Anyway, if I met the same error next time, I will make a screenshot. Thank you very much!
  4. Excuse me, when I want to edit a pokemon to giantmax, I check the box, and it says: giantmax flag mismatch. What is that mean? Thank you for your help!
  5. Thank you for your kindly help, it's really helpful for the people who would like to collect gift card such as me. Thanks again
  6. thank you for your help and I have already read that article,and I want to collect all gift of gen6,I like collecting ,so if you have some other website to get some informations please tell me if convenient thank you!
  7. I wonder that gen 6 event on this page http://projectpokemon.org/events/jp-VI.php didn't update for a long time,I wonder why but I don't have some information,so can anybody help me to know where could I find the information of the event pokemon and also I can download them?thank you for your help and I am really appreciate it
  8. hello ,I am your fan from China,and I am very happy to find a place that I can find so many wondercards and such a wonderful place ,and I have a question that do you have a collection of JAPAN version,I download the attachments from your first article and I don't know wheather it's include all from the day that ORAS publish till now,let me know if you convenient,thank you
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