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  1. That sounds plausible. I updated from 6.X. Maybe the carts only have the "critical" part of the firmware update then. I was able to return the newly purchased 3DS and picked up a N3DS. Traded the other one to a friend for a 9.5.0-22U so all is well. If it doesn't work now then I'll call myself a fool and go on with my day. Thanks for the inputs gents.
  2. I just tried with a new copy of Y and it still didn't work. The only thing I could guess is the cartridge update (9.4.0-12U) from Code Name S.T.E.A.M. breaks web injection. But then again, I don't know much.
  3. I updated to 9.4 using the Code Name S.T.E.A.M. retail cart and can't get web injection to work for the life of me. I've tried using multiple (4) different SD/MicroSD cards as well as different .bin from RAM2sav and PCEdit. PKHeX QR codes don't even work so I'm kind of at a loss. I've tried both X and Ruby, loading up Y now but I'm not feeling too lucky. (Deleting cookies/history and the toggle wireless trick also don't help) Thanks in advance for any assistance on this, it really is appreciated.
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