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  1. @ArtemiSerebii, eggs can be traded like any other Pokémon.
  2. I'd like for my username to be changed to 'wickedwitch', please. Thank you~~
  3. Hello, I'd like to request a Hypno that knows the move Seismic Toss in ORAS that's legit for competitive battling. Hypno/Drowzee can only learn the move from the gen 3 move tutor, apparently, so it can't have that blue hexagon... I really want one, so if anyone can make one for me, I'd be eternally grateful. I'd like it to be named 'Shinda', if possible. Any ability/IVs/EVs are fine, since I can modify those on my own. Thank you ;;
  4. @jumpit10 You can request the Mismagius by yourself, you know. That's what this forum is for.
  5. @jumpit10 Umm... This isn't a Trading forum...
  6. Sorry for disappearing, I forgot about this site... ,_, Tell me when you're online, please...
  7. Oh, uh, Klefki and Camerupt have the wrong abilites...could you please gen those two again with the correct ones? unu''
  8. It's actually more than one, but yeah. All shiny + max PP, please, thank you.
  9. Oh. Can you name it "my chi,," instead?
  10. Could you get online, please? u_u
  11. No, the B button didn't work.
  12. Sorry to be a bother, but can you gen another Pumpkaboo, identical to the one I specified, holding an Everstone? I think that will stop its evolution. And a non shiny Celebi, please? ;o;
  13. Crap, I somehow forgot that Pumpkaboo evolves when traded... :'/ I guess I'll have to breed one myself. Anyways, thank you!
  14. Also, a few more; Wi-fi trade, of course.
  15. ...You didn't...perhaps you mistook someone else for me, and traded them the Pokémon? :l And I registered your FC just now, so...
  16. No, what makes you think that? I need all of the Pokemon I listed. ...I hope I'm not sounding impolite right now. <:0
  17. If you see this, get online, please. I'll be on my 3DS for a while. u-u
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