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  1. Hi, I have a New 3DS. I wanted to try some of the tougher stages by spending coins to buy power ups to catch Pokemon, but I'm worried about failing on the stages and losing my coins. I was wondering if there was a way to backup my save, that way even if I lose, I can get my coins back. I looked on Nintendo's site and it said you can backup save files by clicking the arrow next to the title on the home menu However, this isn't showing up for Pokemon Shuffle. According to their site some games like Animal Crossing don't support this feature, but Pokemon shuffle isn't listed on the unsupported games. From what I found on GBA Temp thread, there could be some data stored on the 3DS itself everytime data is saved with these games to prevent people from backing up the data and restoring it themselves, even if they manually move around the SD card data, so I was thinking they might have something similar with shuffle but I don't know for certain. Anyone know a way to backup/restore data for this game or if doing that is even possible?
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