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  1. Ok, sorry for the trouble, I was editing the post and it was dissapearing =P Thanks for the support, really appreciated!!
  2. I'm terribly sorry if I posted in the wrong place, this is not a ROM Hack but a Fan Made game, I hope there are no problems with that, I couldn't find a section for Fan Made Games here. What is it about? Pokemon The MMORPG is a online Pokemon game, it features 493 pokemons and Gen 3 Graphics. The idea behind Pokemon The MMORPG is that, only making a Pokemon Game is not enough when you are talking about an online game, when you make one online game you need systems to make the players become social with each other, to evolve and battle together, those kind of systems are not present in normal Pokemon games, but they are the focus of our project! What is going on right now? Right now we are starting a open beta for the game, we have fully developed the Kanto region(Orange isles are not included) and we are now working in Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh and Unova, but at the same time we are working in making many systems that will make the game much more interesting. Every one of the 493 Pokemons are obtainable right now. Gen 1 Pokemon appear in Kanto grass areas, some appear at night, some at day. The other Gen Pokemons can be obtained through the Tournament System and Pokemon League. Tournament System In Pokemon The MMORPG we have tournaments going on all the time(as long as there are players to fill the Tournaments spots). When the server is low on players each Tournament is composed of 8 players and 3 battle stages, when the server is full they are composed by 16 players and 4 battle stages. Each Battle in Tournament awards you with Reward Points which can be spent in the Gift Shop in Celadon to exchange for Pokemons,TMs,Hold Itens, etc. Each Tournament awards a Pokemon for the Tournament Champion, there are several Tournament Levels being that the Higher the level of the Tournament, the better the Prize Pokemons are going to be. Battles in Tournaments are handcaped making battles more fair, because of that it's extremely important that you EV train your Pokemons and have Pokemons with good IV status. EVs and IVs can be checked in the game WebSite. Pokemon League The Pokemon League in this game works like in any other Pokemon Game, there are two things that are diferent though. When you win in the League you get a Prize Pokemon and each time you win the league it becomes harder, the harder the League is, the better the Prize Pokemons. Trainer Level In this game you have one atribute called the Trainer Level, you gain One Trainer Level for each 50 levels you raise your Pokemons, the greater your Trainer Level, the greater the Experience your Pokemons gain with battle. Each Trainer Level accounts for more 1% exp you gain and you can level up a 100 levels. Character Traits When creating your account you state if you are female or male, in the game you will be the same gender you said when making your account. To customize your account, right click your character a click in change appearance. You will be prompted with a R G B pop up that will let you choose your colors. About the Project The game is being developed in Game Maker Studio V 1.8 and the server is developed in Pure C++. There are many problems with the Game Studio Engine that end up reducing the game quality(for example, you'll see some blurred charsets or tiles in the maps with weird borders), our Graphics are pretty good, but for some reason the engine downgrades their quality during game play, which makes us hate the engine, however there is 2 years of work done in this engine already and we will only change the engine when we upgrade the game to a 3D environment. Our BattleSystem is working well, but it is limited by Game Maker Studio language limitations and was designed for up to Gen 3 moves, it still can't handle Gen 4 and 5 moves, we will completely rewrite the battlesystem to make it perfect, with a different architecture and functioning style, the new battle system will be released with the version 2.0 of the game. Screen Shot A Video About the Project [video=youtube;vidydutoegg] Want to Play? You can register and download the game in our website! http://pokeweb.sytes.net/ DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: DOWNLOAD Register HERE: REGISTER If you plan to play the game, it would be also nice to create an account in our forum! It can be accessed from the WebSite Navigation Bar. RoadMap for Future Releases Pokemon RoadMap This game started as Pokemon Game that would have Online functionality, but after a Beta Test we realized that just a Pokemon game with online functionality was not that fun, that's why we decided to make on MMORPG with Pokemon, this means that we are focusing in creating MMORPG systems, like Dungeons, Tournaments, Arenas, Guilds, Party, systems. These systems will enable this game to be much more fun than just "A Pokemon game that you can see other people in it and battle with them". 1 VERSION 1.0 - Kanto Complete o Kanto is completed which means, you can battle all eight gym leaders, the league and do some Kanto related quests. - Tournament System o Tournament System is a system that's accessible in the game HUD, when server is low on players each tournament is composed of 8 people and 3 stages, when server is full on players, each tournament is composed of 16 people and 4 stages. - Tournaments have handcaped battles and requires your Pokemon Team Level to be compatible with the tournament you are trying to enter. - Trading o Trading enables you to trade Pokemon and items, you can use this by right clicking other players. - Battling o You can battle other players by right clicking them. There are no rewards to PVP battles outside tournaments. - Drop o Wild Pokemons drop items. This is a temporary system to enable the acquiring of items, it will be replaced by other systems in the future. Launched. 2 VERSION 1.3 - Add Craft System o Craft system will enable "players economy", many items will be made through crafting including items that do not exist in the original games and will enable the gathering of some Pokemon. - Add Guild System (Will enable breeding) o Guild System will enable the "Guild Place", the guild place will be a place that is unique to each guild, which will start as only a place with nothing and will be upgradable, each upgrade will add new functionality to the guild place, some upgrades include "farming space" for crafting itens,Shop Npcs, Day Care npc, etc. Launch Ver 1.3 3 VERSION 1.6 - Add Double and Triple Battles o Double and Triple battles will give a use for Party Systems and will enable the possibility for the Arena and Dungeon systems. - Add Party System o The party system will enable Player Parties to battle each other, as well enable Arena and Dungeon systems. - Add Arena System o The Arena system will enable Arena Teams to battle each other in Ranked Matches that will award special Arena Points, that will be used to acquire some items or pokemons. May also be used to enable some areas. Launch Ver 1.6 4 VERSION 2.0 - Add Dungeons o Dungeons will be places where you have to do "quests" in time trial, you'll be only be able to enter a dungeon with a Party, Legendary Pokemons may be obtained In boss battles in Dungeons. - Add Achievement System o Achievement System will show which Achievements you have completed. - Add Region HandCap o Region HandCap will make players have a need for new pokemon teams in each continent. - Finish Johto o Johto is completed which means, you can battle all eight gym leaders, the league and do some Johto related quests. Launch Ver 2.0 5 VERSION 3.0 - Add Abilities o Include Pokemon Abilities in the battle system. - Add Contests o Contest battles from Pokemon Ruby, may be delayed to other launch version, but it's in the RoadMap - Add New Dungeons o Add new Dungeons. - Add ... o Add things that were not thought yet. (Maybe Reputation/Faction Systems, etc) - Finish Hoenn o Hoenn is completed which means, you can battle all eight gym leaders, the league and do some Hoenn related quests. Launch Ver 3.0 6 VERSION 4.0 - Add New Attacks o Add Attacks from Gen 5 and 6 - Add New Dungeons o Add new Dungeons - Finish Sinnoh o Sinnoh is completed which means, you can battle all eight gym leaders, the league and do some Sinnoh related quests. Launch Ver 4.0 7 VERSION 5.0 - Add Pokemons from 494 to 649 o Add Pokemons from Unova Region - Add New Dungeons o Add New Dungeons - Finish Unova o Unova is completed which means, you can battle all eight gym leaders, the league and do some Unova related quests. Launch Ver 5.0 8 AFTER VERSION 5.0 - Fix bugs and do maintenance to this project. - Maybe Add Mega Evolutions. - Start New Project as a continuation of this one, Pokemon MMORPG 3D o The idea comes from the point that much processing of the game is done through the server and upgrading the client to a 3D environment might be possible, the 2d game maps would be "converted" to 3D game maps through one algorithm that's already being designed. Everything that could be used from Pokemon The MMORPG will be, however there's still much work that would need to be done and it would not be easy to make all of that happen. It's on the Roadmap though, the starting condition for this new project is a good user base from Pokemon The MMORPG. Credits Ferdinand- Main Developer, Mapper, Designer, etc Camila - Made 40% of Kanto Maps. Rafael - Made 10% of Johto Maps. 39ster made the 39dll that was used as base to create the powerfull Mult Threaded F39dll Pokemon Essentials Team, for assembling all the Pokemon Data and some resources that were used in this project. Bulbagarden wiki for some of the game formulas. PsyPokes website where we mined some data from.
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