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  1. hey 0119 - Nintendo HK Shiny Rayquaza (ENG) has a received date as 2011 surely is fake?
  2. HERE IS UK GAME ZOROARK Imgur proofs http://imgur.com/a/jOz6R perhaps now I can have contributor status..... 0556 - It's a Zoroark full of tricks! (ENG).zip
  3. I have a uk hoopa too if need be :-) Proof Album (no beer this time, but I did have some Mead from a continental market stall nearby) http://imgur.com/a/cQWJn 0553 - Wow! It's a Hoopa! (ENG).zip
  4. UK Shiny Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent Smyths Toys Proof Album - Complete with celebratory beer https://imgur.com/a/lF2S1 547 - Shiny Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent!.zip
  5. Finally found a smyths toy store in the UK doing these shiny Rayquaza codes, just grabbed one if needed say and I'll post it
  6. Any word on the UK pachirisu? Hope your tests went by ok
  7. I was stuck at work and been expensive month so couldn't justify the trip to Manchester I'd appreciate the little pachirisu fellow :-)
  8. Does anyone know what pokemon will be given away at the pokemon championships in may? I probably can't attend so someone else may have to provide
  9. It's Shiny Charizard! Can I be a 'contributor' yet? ;-) 537 - It's a Shiny Charizard!.zip
  10. Have given a code to elsesomeone, hopefully he can provide, if not I'll look into rxtools, never heard of it, seems to be a new 3ds cfw of sorts.
  11. Damn I can't get it, all pokemon got an update and 3ds too, currently gateway isn't compatible with 9.6 in emunand so I'm stuffed for now, will still see if it's game codes or wifi download though in case you can recieve in english, then I guess I could inject the wondercard normally once you share.
  12. Depending on how the charizard distribution works I may not be able to grab for you, if instore wifi transfer it may want me to update my firmware in which case I cannot get it, if code should be gold
  13. Just saying I'll be doing the UK game shiny charizard for you again come April :-) Just finished black/white need to train and transfer pokes now for dex completion then onto black/white 2 (probably won't bother transferring to pokebank) then I can finally join you guys on x y and or and as!
  14. Hmm don't seem to have a wondercard, I guess the street pass data is different any thing useful I can do to it for you?
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