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  1. Hi, basically I just wanted to make a few legal pokemon for use in Gen VI, but the problem is I only have pokemon sapphire and an Action Replay v3 to generate the pokemon. This shouldn't be a problem for what I want, as basically I just want a perfect IV shiny ditto named Jello and a perfect IV shiny Rayquaza to use in my pokemon x/y/ORAS games. I have tried out making a few with Ciro's Pokemon Maker, then getting the AR codes for sapphire, importing them to gen IV, then gen V, then into the pokebank from my pokemon Black cartridge to use in my gen VI games, but most of the ones I made aren't accepted into the pokemon bank. Is there a way to check the legality of these pokes generated by the sapphire Action Replay code to know if they will pass the legality check of the pokemon bank (for 3ds)? Any information on this subject would be helpful. In addition, does anyone know of a place I could just download the text files for legal pokemon that I could put into Ciro's pkmn maker to generate the AR codes? Thank you all so much in advance. I'm just working with dinosaur technology here, so it's been pretty rough
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