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  1. @KazoWAR excuse me, how did you downgrade the browser whislt keeping the software updated?
  2. Where can I download the LATEST version of PkHex? I cannot find it anywhere.
  3. Thanks for the info, my Diancie has all those details except the fact she IS nicknamed. As I said above, I'll try using her with a nickname once again, along with the Landorus I'm going to modify, so if I still fail I'll remove her nickname. Thank you for the reply
  4. Thank you for the extra bytes tip, I would never have guessed that one! About the OT and SID, I know OT doesn't affect the renaming possibility, only the ID and SID do; I don't know if they're restricted, however. I'll try using Diancie with a nickname again, if I can't do it I'll remove said nickname. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I've injected a Sheer Force Landorus and a Diancie to my Pokémon OR game. However, I cannot use them in battles. I'm sure all the other 4 pokémon are ok, and I'm nearly sure Diancie also is (I nicknamed her, but one can theoretically change a event pokémon's name if they happen to have the same ID and SID than the event mon, so it isn't illegal). I went as far as to check what is the original Diancie's SID and copied it to mine now, about the Landorus: I'm aware that Sheer Force Landorus is currently unavailable as a gen X/Y/OR/AS native pokémon, so I've made it like a gen V pokémon, from Black 2. I made his met level 40, inside a Dream Ball, non-shiny. I'd like to get some help here, because I'm fairly sure he is the problem. if anyone can give me a pre-made and working Sheer Force Landorus file, that'd be really helpful
  6. Yea, seems like I can't manage to do any of the cool stuff. I keep getting bad eggs from this... my 2DS is at 9.4, I'm trying to inject a Hoopa (not the sample one, but one I made myself) with absolutely no luck. And I am sure I'm saving them as ekx files.
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