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  1. 0x1B34-0x3663 is an unsupported file type/size. I matched your example exactly. I'm getting really confused with PKHeX right now EDIT: Also tried with doing 2 boxes (length of 0x3660 instead of 0x1B30), no dice.
  2. Did that, same unsupported size/type error in PKHeX. Length of the new file was 0x1B31, block was 0x1B34-0x3664. Are you sure that's the correct size?
  3. Done, PKHeX successfully loaded the data, but all the boxes were empty EDIT: Wtf, now PKHeX won't even open the data because it's an unsupported type/size, but it opened it the first time...
  4. I opened it in HxD, but I'm not sure where to look for the box data - I can't find either 0x4 nor 0x1B33 in it (attempting to find box 2's data)
  5. How do you do this Kaphotics? I've been trying to find my SID, but I've had no luck so far
  6. SciresM, what do I have to do to extract my SID from the injectiondebug.bin? It's the only thing I need to complete my pokegenning
  7. Wait... SciresM, could you find out my SID from the injectiondebug I posted? I know my TID and TSV, but SID is the one thing that I can't find out
  8. Tried delete all in the browser and connecting via QR code, but the browser still "fails to load part of this page"
  9. Doesn't work for me on a 3DS XL version 9.4 using a physical copy of Y. Dropped the code.bin and a pokemon.ekx (saved using the All Files option in PKHeX) into my SD root, then cleared my browser history and cookies just to be sure. Visited the website, and after a "Failed to load part of this page" message, it crashed, as predicted. Open Y up, nothing changed.
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