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  1. It backs up everything in your save, however some things are not injectable, so beware to that
  2. Is it possible to inject pokemons in the party? I wanted to create a pichu with stats that are actually worth a damn....
  3. No, your DS is fine, but you should try to clear your caches in the web browser (DS's) That's not the way to go. To save it in *.ekx you should change the save type in the PKHeX. It will save as *.ek6, that file you may than rename to pokemon.ekx. Another option is creating a file named pokemon.ekx and saving over it, will work out perfectly. Its no problem
  4. well, im a no-go when it comes to coding, so not for me messing arround with that.
  5. I wonder, could the injection be tweaked so that we could literally inject as many pokemons at once as we wanted by simply editing the injectiondebug.bin? Is anyone working on that?
  6. Well, it all works now, after resstarting my 3ds and clearing caches its as good as new
  7. Is your Y copy in the SD or Standalone? Cause I've tried both with my Y cartridge and my AS digital and neither worked
  8. Just so you all know, the discussion is more a bit more dynamic back in 4chan, we should probably watch out over there.
  9. Done that, still, it is as if nothing happened. Is this exploit limited to a certain region or anything?
  10. Still not working for me, dont know what I'm doing wrong. I must point out a few thing though: 1- PKHeX doesn't allow me to save as *.ekx, it tries to force it into *.ek6 2- I'm not sure what folder to paste my pokemon.ekx file, is it in the same folder as the code.bin (which is exactly where?)
  11. Could you give specifics on the folders where I should paste the files? (I use a digital version) Btw, does it work on 9.4.0-21U?
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