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    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    I've checked and I'm sure I'm editing the values correctly. That said it won't even let me duplicate a pokemon. I noticed this also happens without even opening a save if I just open the box view and click inside I can hear the same windows error sounds. Is it possible that the program is no longer detecting that I have actually opened a save file? It does load everything correctly so I'm not sure what's wrong. (Like I said the previous version works, I would just use that for editing but I'm wanting the eon ticket wondercard which doesn't work with the older version)
  2. rasa39

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    After the latest update I can't get any changes to save, if I edit a pokemon and then try to set it in a box I hear that windows error sound and it doesn't set the pokemon. This also happens when editing anything else in my save, it looks like it has worked but when I save and close the individual menus it resets back to the default. Is anyone else experiencing this? It only happened with the latest version, please fix this if possible.
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