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  1. I have been editting Omega Ruby using PK3DS and have mostly completed by edits however in doing my testing run I have found that there is a texture error for one of the textures on the Victory Road causing the game to crash when loading this location. The original 3DS file does not have this issue, so It must be something that I've done. Are there any avenues I can explore to fix this and I'd rather avoid restarting the process. Regards, Alex.
  2. Turns out I was using an old version of BWTE that didn't work with BW2. I've successfully edited the trainers but unfortunately I'm having trouble reinserting the trainer files at the moment. Perhaps I'm going something wrong is there any step by step tutorial on how to reinsert them?
  3. Hi there I've recently started editing a Black 2 Rom. For editing the Trainers I'm using BWTE but the trainers seem to be mismatched in places and I don't see trainers that match up to others (notably Roxie). I've extracted a/0/9/1 to use as the Trainers and a/0/9/2 to use as the pokemon, is there somewhere I can check that this is correct? Are the names supposed to match? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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