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  1. I've had some pokemon from Gen IV that I've wanted to bring up to gen VI but I don't have a Gen V game to do it with. (Furthermore, they were on my old Pokecheck account, are those recoverable?)
  2. Is a ekx/ek6 file just a copy of how the pokemon data structure would look in RAM? I'm trying to understand how the web exploit works more. Furthermore, where does one learn the entry point to copy the contents of the ekx/ek6 file over? Is this something that was reverse engineered from a RAM dump? Is the addressing dynamic or is there a specific hex string that you'd be looking for? I'm under the impression that this exploit just works by performing a memcpy of a pokemon data structure from a file into the proper place in RAM. Thanks for your time!
  3. Kraust

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    I actually have a few questions for this. 1. Is it possible to hack in more than 25 base items or is this a hard limit? 2. Is it possible to remove yourself from the base to make this a hard 26? 3. Is there a valid location for the Mossdeep Location and can you provide a QR code for it please =P?
  4. This was something that was brought up a while ago. I would imagine that the answer is yes if megas are stored like Deoxys / Shaymin / Giratina Forms. Could Giratina-O hold something other than the Griseous Orb and keep its form if you made him Giratina-O's index number? I think this stems from something I read about on Reddit a while ago about a Giratina-O holding leftovers. What would happen if you hacked a Mega into your party for example? We have the tools to test this with Cyber Gadget right?
  5. >> is a bitwise right shift ^ is XOR (Yes I created an account to answer this)
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