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  1. I have rebased the modifications onto the latest pokered. Missingno. is still untested but should break horribly according to my expectations. No changes have been made to the gameplay; this is purely for people who use this or parts of this as part of their own hack. nuzlocke.diff.gz
  2. After a negligible amount of work, I have almost finished Pokémon Nuzlocke Red and Blue versions. Version: 0.9; gameplay testing still required. Gameplay differences: Pokémon that faint in battles or on the field due to poison damage are immediately deleted from WRAM. Losing the starter battle is possible. SET is the only permissible battle style; SHIFT has been removed. Wild encounters and gift Pokemon update a global Nuzlocke state. The Nuzlocke state is also written to SRAM, immediately after the data for last box. All kinds of Poké Balls will be unable to catch a Pokémon if a
  3. onesav is a save file viewer. Originally intended as editor, I became too lazy to actually finish any of its editing features apart from editing badges and OT/rival names. Current version: 0.2 You need a C compiler that is C99-compatible and must be running an operating system/libc that supports some of the _BSD_SOURCE features as well as POSIX 1003.1-2001. Patches that port onesav to operating systems that are not Microsoft Windows are always welcome. Windows support is considered a bug, not a feature. onesav ships with a man page that should outline details of using it. You can always als
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