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  1. I'm having trouble connecting Dolphin to VBA-M. So basically I'm trying to access the e-reader content from Pokémon Colosseum (Japanese version). I followed these guides but I have no success. https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-gamecube-gba-link-cable-emulation-guide https://imgur.com/gallery/5pyIE I used a Japanese e-reader+ rom, latest dolphin and VBA-M emulators, and a GBA bios. Also I have a Japanese iso of Colosseum and a save file. When I reach the part of the game where I can connect to a GBA the game can't seem to connect. Also I keep getting this message on VBA. Can someone help me, I know little is known on the subject but I would really appreciate it.
  2. I got frustrated it couldn't work so I did it the old fashion way
  3. I would like to try this but the link for PSaveFixV2 is broken. Can someone link me to another PSaveFix?
  4. Ha lol so it's only because he's a legendary.
  5. Bad news apparently my Lugia can't go on Ratting battles...
  6. Also when people mean does it mean the free battles or does it mean all of the features? And another thing from what I've read almost all gen 3 and 4 PID's are said to be invalid in gen 5 and 6. Could that explain why even if I gave Lugia a PID manually or automatically (when I posted it to pokegen) it said to be invalid?
  7. Okay so once used Pokegen on some Pokemon and I heard if something isn't right either they won't pass through Pokebank or won't pass through Battle Spot. I had a Pokemon Lugia that had problems with his OT and Nickname which says "Invalid Pal Park trash bytes". Also the PID says it's invalid. I sent him over with no problem and used him Battle Spot with no problem. Why didn't it get blocked? And will Lugia have problems in future generations?
  8. You know that's the same method mtbelley told me still doesn't help.
  9. So what would be the cheapest and easiest way to do for you?
  10. So let me get this strait? -I have to hack my DS lite -Hack my 4th gen pokemon games (and which one can I use btw) -Make a a new save file inside my game So I don't need any Action replay? And what about my game...can it get messed up and ruined forever? And do I need anything else?
  11. Also is their a PokeGen for gen 6? or another method to use pokegen without action replay?
  12. I have a question and i don't know if anyone asked this before. Since the Wii and DS Wi-Fi will shut down on May 20th will PokeGen still be usable?
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