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  1. Is there any PKMs legality checker other than Pokecheck.org? Now that pokecheck is under maintenance, I need alternatives.
  2. That may take very long time, or may never be decrypted. The security of 3DS hardware is really durable.
  3. Is there any way to fully (not partial) decrypt my Pokemon X/Y save file? I want to edit and save the data with PKHeX.
  4. I experienced the same problem when I tried the Powersaves sold in US for Japanese region card, so there may be some region restriction on Powersaves. Buy a Powersaves in your region. (or buy a keycord for EU region. the hardware is in common.)
  5. <del>Does PKHeX support Region Japan card? When I use my Region Japan (Language is English) card, PKHex says "Save file is not decrypted. Press Yes to...". And then, I continued by selecting "Yes", and there seems no error in Box and Party, but "Tools" > "Export SAV" is grayed out . Maybe this is because checking system of PKHeX is not compatible with Region Japan saves. I hope they support it. Needless to say, but I fully decrypted my save. (with "XOR Saves")</del> Sorry, but this was my fault.
  6. I know that Pokecheck will do that by the end of this month, but is there any way to transport PKX file to my XY rom now?
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