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  1. well the European version is out so I probably will expect an update soon and it's something that we all hope.
  2. I can happily say that this is now working for me... I have all three starters for both games... which is going to make the US release much easier to use in a couple of months
  3. Well I've tested out the new version, still doesn't work so I must be thinking that it's something I'm not doing right... if it's possible can you check out what I'm doing wrong. Here's the sav file(s) i'm using and I'm trying to get the other starters in so for my gold game I'm using Chikorita and for Silver I'm using Totodile hge.SAV totodile.pkm chikorita.pkm cyndaquil.pgt sse.SAV totodile.pgt cyndaquil.pkm chikorita.pgt
  4. Gift and Wonder Card... I'd converted them from previous .pkm files and when i import them and save them, I go into the game and the guy does not appear in the pokemart
  5. I'm having trouble with this program... trying to import the other starters into my HG/SS files but it's not working for me.
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