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  1. Details: Lv.100 Bold Porygon2 (no item), Ability: Trace PID:1173290230 Max Happiness Country: US/UK/AU Origin: Black 2 Given by Day Care, and put in appropriate information to make it legit Stats: 31 IVs for all except, 14 IV attack Moves: Discharge, Ice Beam, Recover, T-Wave Put in trainer ID and name Idk what further details I can include, but ask if you need anything
  2. 1. Windows 8 and Windows XP for another computer (tried both, XP being the old OS I used for my use of Pokegen when it did work for me) Porygon2.pkm
  3. The title speaks for itself, I have used Pokegen in the past and it worked successfully. As of late I have tried to generate more, followed the same steps I have used before, saving from tabs and upload. Quite recently I wanted a Porygon2 and instead I received a Manaphy Egg. The only thing I can think is different is that I am now using a 3ds, I have also watched a tutorial on using Pokegen on a 3ds, and still no difference. The DS I used is not available to use anymore. What could I be doing wrong?
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