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  1. First, I appologize if this is the wrong spot. I made a bunch of pokemon back when the bank first came out and used the GTS to send them to my game. majority of them worked and got through to the bank and onto my Y version. Now im trying to use the method of AR Code generation and I can get my pokemon into my white version, but they dont pass the bank check. Here is an example of one im trying to do, if anyone can help me out, greatly appreciated. Main: Alakazam Lv. 50 Timid Synchronize US/UK/AU White Met: Black(2)/White(2) (I cant change this bit it still worked before Day-Care Couple Poke-ball level 1 3/09/13 Egg/Pal Park Fateful Encountr stats are 252 Sp.A 252 Spe 4 S.Def Attacks: Psyshock Focus Blast Shadow Ball Thunder Wave OT/Misc I put my trainer ID in both boxes and i put my trainer name how it appears in game (white). My target game is black/white.
  2. Why is the only games i can pick in the met tab being Black/White 2??? Including the egg hatch conditions.
  3. well for the 33 pokemon i did today, i used the same process for them all. one of the pokemon declined was a donphan. why would that "Met location" matter if it had the same "Met location" as my toxicroak for example and he got through bank no problem.. im very confused.
  4. So I made 33 different pokemon on Pokegen today, and 28 of them successfully tranfered through pokebank, does anyone know why i cant get the other 5 to go through? I also spent a good 2 hours just trying to get a Heatran and Blissey to go through, I even changed some moves thinking that was the issue. If anyone could help, thanks in advance.
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